Welcome to G. Sevenhuysen V.O.F.

The village of Warmenhuizen is located in the heart of the cabbage-growing region, approximately 50 kilometres north of Amsterdam. This is where the headquarter of international trading company G. Sevenhuysen V.O.F. is located. The company was founded by Gerrit Sevenhuysen in 1916 and still bears his name.

However, a lot has changed over the years. Cabbage is no longer the main export product and activities have been transcending European borders for the past few decades. The company specialises in the overseas export of ware and seed potatoes, onions, garlic, white and red cabbage, as well as various other vegetables.

The range is continuously being expanded, with frozen products like French fries, frozen vegetables (dried) fish and meat now also being supplied.

Our products are currently being shipped to appr. 55 countries worldwide, with an emphasis on the Caribbean region, Latin America, West Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Naturally, the ”home” market in Europe also plays an important role.

 As always: The Customer is King.

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