Dutch onion exporter

Looking for a Dutch onion exporter? We export our onions for the fresh-food market and industry the whole year round.

The onion harvest in the Netherlands amounted to 1,5 million tons in the last season. The onions we harvest are all intended for export. We ship worldwide to over 100 different countries. The most popular countries we ship our onions to are Brasil, Trinidad, Singapore, Senegal and the United Arab Emirates.

Our quality Holland onion is sold in every corner of the world. Because we are based in the Netherlands we have the capacity and the means to deliver crisp and fresh onions all year long. We have many years of experience and we are a renowned Dutch onion exporter. How does this process work?

Dutch onion transport and logistics
Our processes of cultivation, storage, processing, sorting and packing are well designed in the Netherlands. Processing and packaging plants are often within a stone’s throw of the harbours or we transport the onions to the international main ports. Our Dutch onions always start its journey by making grateful use of the efficiency of yet another sector where the Netherlands is and has been a world leader for over centuries: transport and logistics.

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Onions in various colours and sizes

G. Sevenhuysen V.O.F. Is able to supply, onions in various colours and sizes.
We start with onion sets in July and later switch to supplying maincrop onions.

We are able to supply the yellow onions, the red, white and pink varieties, as well as shallots.
You can choose to receive onions in plain bags or in the renowned GS brand bags. We are able to package onions in bags of 25 kg, 50 lbs, 20 kg, 15 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg and 2.5 kg. It is also possible to place barcodes on packages.

Onions are available in many sizes. For instance, 40/60 mm, 45/65 mm, 50/70 mm, 60/80 mm and 80/100 mm, but other sizes can also be supplied.

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