Dutch Onions in various colours and sizes

G. Sevenhuysen V.O.F. is able to supply Dutch onions for the fresh-food market and industry the whole year round.

In the Netherlands a lot of onions are grown, but the yellow onions are the favorite. We are a Dutch Onion supplier that can deliver new crop of Dutch onions in July. We start with onion sets and the seed onions are harvested around August and September. After harvest the onions are put in the storage and are dried. Later the onions are cooled to ensure the quality. The Dutch onions can be stored up to June without loss of quality. Before the onions are packed, the onions are sorted on size and graded on quality. We can always deliver a product which has been carefully selected for you.

uien, onionsDutch onions are very healthy and add a lot a flavour to dishes. Yellow onions are more pungent and are perfect to use for cooking. The red onions can be eaten uncooked as well and can be used in salads. We can supply you different varieties of onions; the yellow onions, red onions, white and pink onions, as well as shallots. The onions can be sorted in many sizes, the most common sizes are 40/60 mm, 45/65 mm, 50/70 mm, 60/80 mm and 80/100 mm. But other sizes can also be supplied, just ask and we will arrange it for you.

The Dutch onions can be packed to your wishes, You can choose to receive onions in plain poly bags or in the renowned GS brand bags. We are able to package onions in bags of many different weights as; 25 kg, 50 lbs, 20 kg, 15 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg and 2.5 kg. Further it is possible to place barcodes on packages.